Fit in 2015

Happy 2015! It being the start of a new year and all I wanted to write down my fitness goals for the year.

2014 was a tough year in many ways (break up, life change, thirties, waaah!) but it was also a year I learnt quite a bit about myself and overcame many anxieties that I hid from in a relationship, I think because I had the excuse to.

Staying active and largely healthy has been a HUGE part of dealing with the emotional and work-related stresses 2014 flung in my path. In fact it’s a much bigger, more important part of my life than I ever anticipated when I set off on a miserable, rainy run at the end of December 2013 after a five month break.

Nike Anodyne running shoes

My Christmas present… new running shoes!

From my first Park Run after moving back home, through training on my own for the Manchester 10k and throughout the year, running has been a relief and like a trusty old friend. Yoga (and a bit of pilates too) has kept me centred and physically stronger than I’ve probably ever been – no more shaky-armed plank for me. And I think I’ve swam more miles this year than any other.

It feels a bit strange not to be starting a new year with resolutions like ‘get back to running’ or ‘get fit’. Because for once, I do actually feel pretty fit, and that feels great! (Well, apart from rocking my second cold of the winter).

So what am I aiming for this year? Well, I’m still working on my fit at 30 goals and am happy to report it’s going well. Thanks to a mild autumn and winter, I’ve managed to keep up running regularly. Here are some other things I’m aiming for this year:

2015 health and fitness goals

  • January challenges – This month I’m taking part in #Jantastic for Macmillan Cancer Support and #30daysofyoga over on the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. I know January activities and 30 day challenges can be a bit gimmicky, but they’re great for holding you to account. Also, there is some thinking that it takes 30 days of doing something for it to become habit forming. I’m definitely hoping this rings true of the yoga. I never thought I’d have time to do even 15 minutes every day… but it turns out I do!
  • Half marathon – On 3rd January I entered the ballot for the first 3,000 places on the Great North Run. Not because I want to be in the first 3,000 especially but because if I didn’t do it then I knew I’d find some way to talk myself out of it. And even I’m not successful, I automatically go into the second ballot. No backing out now!
  • Deepen my knowledge – I’m a bugger for needing to understand the nuts and bolts of things, and that includes my own body, so I want to learn more about anatomy and nutrition, and how they work with exercise.
  • Mental de-cluttering – At the end of 2014, I had a good clear out of my belongings, my emails, my to-do lists. It felt good and everything seems a bit simpler now, but it made me think about how overwhelming things can get sometimes so I’m going to try and be more mindful of this and how I react.
  • Experimenting with food – I can be a bit lazy with what I eat  sometimes; it’s always tempting to grab something convenient when you’re busy. I’m also a vegetarian with a nut allergy and I want to eat less processed foods, so I’m on the look out for some good recipes and inspiration – let me know if you know of any!

I’m not a fan of resolutions that are about taking things away from your life, so I’ve tried to focus on experiences that will hopefully add something.

What are your health and fitness goals for 2015?

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